Use Social Media to get booked

It’s all fun and nice talking about getting booked for events and get through social media to have followers that appreciate what you do, I want to show you it can be done and I want to share how you can do it.

This article is for the all artists, models, musicians, film makers, speakers and actors  that think social media marketing is only beneficial for product-sellers.

It’s for the people who like the idea of social media marketing but have never actually implemented it.

How to get booked using social media then?

 Twitter and Facebook

– Search for events and persons who are in need of your talent and services by using the search bar.

– Reach out to three of your competitors every week, tell them why you admire something they’re doing and start a real friendship based on respect and sharing.

– When you’ve formed real connections with people, drop them an email and ask them if they fancy hopping on Skype for a coffee with you!

– Join in Twitter chats get to know others in the chat and show them your amazing talent! Twitter chats aren’t just about learning from others, they’re about meeting new people with new skills.

– You can use Twitter to not only get talks and new relations with your niche, but keep them. When you and your host for example have finished working together on an event, a book, a film …, tweet about their content every now and then and share it with your followers. A little support goes a long way.

– Don’t ignore people who share your work and ask you questions. Twitter is all about interaction, so interact! Acknowledge people. Show them you appreciate them. You’d be surprised how many of the people on your niche start out as followers and hire you later down the line because they trust you.

– Join Facebook groups filled with persons in your niche. And here’s the trick: don’t join dozens of groups. Join a maximum of three. It is faaaar more beneficial to participate daily in fewer groups than to participate every now and then in lots of groups. You want group members to remember you as the go-to expert of your niche, and they’re not going to if you rarely show up.

– Join Facebook groups filled with your competitors. It’s all about community over competition! Your competitors need to refer work to others sometimes, and they’re not going to refer it to you if they don’t know you. (Plus: it’s nice to talk to others who understand and work on the same field and business as you and go through the same trials.)

– Provide plenty of free advice. Don’t horde your expertise, it’s unkind. Sharing what you know in Facebook groups will position you as an expert in what you do and make you to no.1 talent than the other members, think of when they need to hire or book someone with your skills and talent. Plus: sharing your knowledge helps ones in the group who can’t afford to hire you!

– Go above and beyond to help people. Don’t just answer someone’s question in a Facebook group. Direct message them, Skype them and start a deeper conversation.

– Start your own Facebook group. Facebook groups are made to gather not only your fans together, but to present your talent to the public where persons and entities that can hire you or book you for their events and needs.

– Start a Facebook ad campaign. Think Facebook ads are just for product-sellers? Think again my friend. You can advertise your talent and promote yourself, more importantly, promote how your talent is unique and helpful!

– Host a Facebook group party. Collaborate with some friends who have a similar size audience to you. Create a Facebook group, make sure you all promote it to your audiences, and post videos every day for a week about your expert topics. This is a super fun (and free!) way of growing your audience, showing your knowledge and getting in front of new potential bookings.

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