Stephen WrenchGrammy winner

Stephen Wrench has performed and co-written with many notable artists and musicians, some enumerated below. He has spent 40+ years establishing his worldwide industry network. He has worked in multiple capacities with musicians, producers, publishers, publicists, radio promoters, booking agencies, and record labels. Mr. Wrench has worked in video production and promotion, concert production and promotion, record distribution and film and television syndication and production. Mr. Wrench has earned the respect of his peers as a voting and nominating member of The Grammy’s.

Mr. Wrench has contacts throughout the world with major labels, TV and movie syndication networks and media outlets. He also has cultivated numerous friendships within the artist community. Mr. Wrench has acquired label deals for many artists and been instrumental in syndication of movie and television content throughout the world.

Prior to establishing Musik and Film, Stephen was Vice President for a division of RCA Records. Mr. Wrench has worked with many top acts, including Tommy Tutone, Loverboy, Toto, Beaver Brown Band, Mick Fleetwood Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rossington Collins Band, Survivor, Missing Persons, Red Jump Suit Apparatus, Starship, Grand Funk Railroad, Lonestar, Michael Peterson, Darryl Worley, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Ozzie Osbourne, The Byrds, Keb, Frank Stallone, Staind, John Anderson, Dr. Hook, Atlanta Rythm Section, Chad Brock, Stockholm Stoner (with former members of Abba), and many others.

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