Rashyn Washington

Rashyn Washington is a Filmmaker from New Jersey who studied Film Production at The Art Institute of Atlanta. While attending school, Washington promoted his talent as the CEO/President of Muforigno Films, LLC. Rashyn is a film director, screenwriter, producer, and actor. As part of the New Atlanwood wave of filmmaking, he is widely regarded as one of the most creative, new indies filmmakers in cinema today.

As an experienced producer and film/music director, Rashyn a.k.a. “@Mufee6” had a vision and desire to express his artistry through film. The feature film, “Lost & Turnt Out” was written, directed, and produced by Rashyn Washington. As a result of the film, Rashyn Washington attained his first audition in New York City.

From 2000-2008, the Plainfield, New Jersey native earned many opportunities as a role Actor in several TV series and movies such as Law and Order Special Units, HBO series Oz, “Marci X”, and “The Guru”. His acting experience developed into a special interest to create a production company.

Rashyn @Mufee 6 Washington also creates movies through music videos. Rashyn has worked with musical artists Future, Ying Yang Twins, Gorilla Zoe, Shop Boyz, Bobby V., Travis Porter, Keke Palmer, and many more. With cinematic qualities, and street like fantasy, Rashyn’s music videos are innovatively indulging.

Rashyn @Mufee6 Washington currently resides in Atlanta, GA.

Currently, @Mufee6 is taking on new music video/movie directing projects.

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