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After being bored senseless with our body care products, we had this cool idea to make everyday products that girls use fun. We came up with fun names, characters and unique fragrances for these products and pitched the idea to our mom. She loved it and the rest is history in the making. Our mom named the company Angels and Tomboys as a reflection of our unique and complex personalities and interests. We’re just like every girl in the world because ALL girls are created equally different. Plus, we can all agree that every Angel has a bit of Tomboy in her.

We are Angels and Tomboys:

Madison and Mallory are youth entrepreneurs, talents also include: dance (ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop), sing & rap, they are well spoken and not at all shy.
Madison and Mallory are avaiable for the following:

▪ Acting/Commercials;

▪ Appearances (Festivals, Expos, etc);

▪ Fundraisers;

▪ Modeling; and

▪ Motivational Speaking (Girl Empowerment, Youth in Business, Arts & Entertainment)

Madison and Mallory  have recently won a $ 55,000.00 investment from Mark Cuban and Daymond John, the host of Shark Tank. The monies will be use to enhance their all natural body lotions and body spray line

Angels and Tomboys takeover Zulily!

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May 19th- 21st shop online at

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May 10th catch the Never Settle show hosted by Mario Armstrong Wednesday 7 pm on Facebook Live. We will receive an on-air mention for our audience gifted products!

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