Lisa SmithMake-Up Artist

Meet Lisa Smith, she is a resident of Los Angeles, CA, she is a freelance makeup artist.  Lisa Smith is known for her natural approach with makeup. Her goal with every client it to emphasize their natural beauty by enhancing their unique features. Granadian-born with a background in fashion, this skilled makeup artist will achieve whatever look you are trying to achieve.

My name is Lisa Smith and I’ve been a makeup artist for over 8 years and everyday I feel like I’ve found my calling. I feel fortunate to be in a career I’m passionate about. I’m always thinking of finding new ways to improve my skills and creativity and I often draw inspiration from everyday women in my walk of life. I love to aid women in enhancing their natural beauty. I’m accepting new clients and love connecting with you through social media. You can find me on the links on this page.

I discovered my love for makeup as a teenager. I enjoyed it even more when I was taught basic application in modeling school at age 16. Before the there was YouTube, I scoured hundreds of magazines, trying to learn everything I could about makeup application and the newest products. I observed and soaked up every tip I could from my makeup artists during my early modeling days. After college, I pursued a career outside of beauty but the artistry was always in my heart. I took every opportunity to do makeup for friends and friends of friends. Eventually I decided to pursue my passion for beauty as a career. I started attending every Makeup Show in my area and participating in hands-on workshops, and cultivating my skills. Today, I’m a freelance beauty makeup artist specializing but not limited to film, editorial and fashion. I love teaming up with models, photographers, companies or any one looking to learn more about makeup, to create beautiful art. I also offer individual or group classes upon request to learn basic/advanced makeup application and/or skin care concerns. Enjoy my site and feel free to contact me to create beauty.

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