How to Get an Acting Agent

Everyone in the acting industry knows that if you dream of becoming a world famous actor, you need the services of an acting agent. Many actors wonder how to get signed by a talent agent the minute they decide to pursue a career in acting because they know it can can open up many doors for them.

What does an acting agent do?

An agent’s job is to use his contacts to get you acting roles. The typical process for new clients is that the agent will set up general meetings with executives, producers and casting directors  to introduce you to the big decision makers. The purpose of these meetings is to put a bug in their ear so when an acting opportunity comes up that matches your profile, you’ll be first in line.

The acting agent is also your representative. They essentially speak on your behalf regarding particular roles and upcoming projects.

Should I have an agent before starting my acting career ?

Not having an agent should not keep you from starting your career. The search for an agent is secondary to getting yourself out there and making a name for yourself.

Also, once you get an agent, you simply have to sit by the phone and wait for it to ring. But while agents work on your behalf, they’re going to get the clients that are already established, working first because they know that’s where their real benefit it. Sitting around waiting for them to make you famous is a waste of time.

How to get an agent to notice me ?

You have to take the initiative and start working wherever you can so that you won’t have to seek out an agent. Find plays, short films, student films. Take classes because you will increase your chances of meeting and connecting with someone that will help you get what you need. Consider creating your own content because it will help get you noticed. There are success stories every day of people who posted something spectacular on YouTube and became famous. You simply have to find your own path and not wait to be told what it is.

How do you get an agent ?

The process differs from one to another but the key factor is to never stop communicating about the fact that you’re looking for an agent. For example, if you are in a casting call, you don’t have an agent and they ask about him/her, don’t lie and instead, say that you’re looking for one. Go the extra mile and ask them who they recommend. You need to be sure you’re communicating to those around you because you never know who will be in a position to help you.

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