Find the right booking agent in 3 steps

You’re an artist and your career reached a point where you need an agent ? How to attract their attention ? Before picking up your phone and start calling people around, here are a few suggestions of the steps you should follow.

Get some booking agencies research

Before making phone calls, you should do some research. It doesn’t matter how well organized or how talented you are, if you’re calling the wrong agent, you’re actually wasting your time. There are databases or agency listings you can review, you will need to buy them and it’s really worth the expense especially when you call the appropriate agency for your style of performance.

Decide and make a list of agencies

Agents book specific genres of music or styles of performance. When researching agencies, determine if the style of music or the type of performance is compatible with yours.

Creating a list of agencies is important. It allows you to make sure you get the names of one or two or the head of the agency. Also, if you know any acts that are working with a specific agent with whom you might be compatible, ask if they wouldn’t mind sharing some information about their agent.

Socialize, it’s always about network and relations

Another method of researching agents is to attend booking and showcasing conferences. Agents often go to these conferences to look for a new talent. Seeing acts in live performances help agents get a sense of audience reaction as well as getting a better picture of what they might potentially be selling.

Another benefit of attending these conferences is that you can walk around the exhibit hall and meet all the agents who are representing their artists. View their booths to examine how they present their agents and how their booth is designed. You can get a sneak peek on the agents organization and creativity by the way they represent the talent.


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